Various Common tests performed on Soil in the construction projects:

Generally, for any construction project, we must know the existing soil properties by conducting different soil tests. Because Geotechnical investigation gives you detailed information of the soil. Every civil engineer must know the various primary tests conducted on soil, for at least to build his/her own house. Nowadays many people neglect the important parameters of soil.

  1. Free swell Index (FSI).
  2. Gradation / Grain size analysis of soil by wet sieve analysis.
  3. Atterberg Limits (Liquid limit, Plastic limit & plastic index).
  4. Proctor /Modified proctor test.
  5. California bearing Ratio( CBR).
  6. Direct shear test (C & Phi values).
  1. Tri-axial shear test:
    A. Unconsolidated Undrained Test (UU).
    B. Consolidated Undrained Test (CU).
    C.3. Consolidated Drained Test (CD).


  1. Free swell index (FSI)- IS 2720 part 40
  2. Gradation / Grain size analysis of soil by wet sieve analysis – IS 2720 – Part 4.
  3. Atterberg limits (Liquid limit, Plastic limit & Plasticity index) – IS 2720 Part -5.
  4. Proctor test – IS 2720 part -7.
  5. Modified proctor test – IS 2720 part-8.
  6. California bearing Ratio (CBR) – IS 2720 part -16.
  7. .Direct shear test – IS 2720 Part -13.
  8. Tri-axial shear test -IS 2720 Part – 11.

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