About Us

About Us

A place to thrive in the desired skill

Our mission is to guide and build successful & talented Civil Engineers for the society. We have delivered many Guest Lectures in Engineering colleges throughout India. Till now we have reached more than 30,000 civil engineering students through our online sessions, webinars, and indirect interactions. As a part of this journey, we had interactions with students in many reputed engineering colleges to create awareness of current scenarios of civil engineering practices and various opportunities out there for a fresh civil engineer. The vast opportunities in public and private sectors in the current job market were discussed and showed the path for many enthusiastic civil engineering students to thrive in their desired skills. Here we offer free online sessions with experienced civil engineers on different aspects of civil engineering practices. We also guide students and fresh engineers in focusing on their skills and teaching methods to improve them.

Work Process

Our Seamless Process

1. Interaction

Interacting with the students through the colleges and social media platforms.

2. Knowledge Sharing

Sharing the practical knowledge through blogs, webinars, and seminars

3. Career Guidance

Guiding the civil engineers about various career opportunities and creating a route for best output.

4. Personal Assistance

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About Founder

Pinninti Rajakumar

PINNINTI RAJA KUMAR IS an experienced Civil Engineer in Material Testing, QA & Qc in the construction of Roads, Highways, Bridges, & Building projects. He is an expert in the identification of suitable materials for construction. He has excellent knowledge of Mix Designs & Job Mix Formulae of materials used for Flexible/Rigid pavements like GSB, WMM, DBM, BC, and Concrete for Structures and Bridges. He’s Well convergent with the relevant Indian and International standards & test procedures like IRC/BIS/BS/BSEN/AASTHO /ASTM/NF.

He’s very passionate about learning new inventions in Construction Industry and sharing his knowledge with Civil Engineering Community.


Pinninti Rajakumar

My mission is to eliminate the confusion and different myths that lie in a newly passed out student’s eyes about their career in the civil engineering world. I want them to prosper in this ocean of vast opportunities. I always recognize the value of mentors in my life who Guided and built my successful Civil Engineering career. So, I decided to share my knowledge and many experiences in the civil engineering field with students. In this journey, I have met almost 25,000 civil engineering students throughout India. What have I found during these interactions is, there is a lack of proper guidance towards their career options and in addition to that there lied many myths and confusion about present civil engineering practices and their career opportunities also? Here I found the gap to fill.

So, I opened up all the windows for the students to reach me and to take guidance about their careers. And after getting overwhelming responses from the students and also from the industrialists all over the civil engineering community, I along with my team members started this Construction leader’s website to reach all our stakeholders and to be available 24*7.