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Construction Leaders – We build professional leaders for the construction industry.

It is a platform which is designed and developed related to Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry to help the civil engineering society by providing FREE services such as Webinars, Blogs, Study materials and Courses etc

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Let’s Try To Understand Our Industry And Its Width & Depth,

India Construction has accounted for around 40% of the development investment during the past 50 years. Around 16 per cent of the nation’s working population depends on construction for its livelihood. The Indian construction industry employs over 30MN people and creates assets worth over ₹ 200 billion.

It contributes more than 5 per cent to the nation’s GDP and 78 per cent to the gross capital formation. Total capital expenditure of the state and central government will be touching ₹ 8,021 billion in 2011-12 from ₹ 1,436 billion (1999-2000).

Are You Able To Understand How Big Our Industry Is ?

Market Scenario

It is estimated that the global construction industry revenue will be about 16 Trillion USD, Growing at a CAGR of 7% and the Indian market would be around 1.4 Trillion, by 2025.

Let’s Dig Deeper into the AEC industry

The industry that provides the services on the architectural design, engineering design, construction and its operation & maintenance services. It is a sector which is very active in the adoption of Information, Communication and Technology. This is also a sector which is very active in the international arena.

  • The Construction industry in India consists of the Real estate as well as the Urban development segment.
  • The Real estate segment covers residential, office, retail, hotels and leisure parks, among others.
  • The Urban development segment broadly consists of sub-segments such as Water supply, Sanitation, Urban transport, Schools, and Healthcare. FDI in the construction development sector (townships, housing, built up infrastructure and construction development projects).

Share in India’s GDP

51 MN
People employed

What are we trying to convey ?

Our construction industry is very big and it has an enormous amount of opportunities for all. All can secure a very good and secure future in industry.

You may ask, Many counter questions to the above statement but terms and conditions applied for anything.

To get the opportunity in the industry, We should have the right skills first in our hands. Then we can demand the job market for sure. Yes! It is obvious that there is a gap between academia and industry, Well ! It is a known thing, We should not  talk only  about PROBLEMS. We should talk about SOLUTIONS and take actions to overcome, to fill the gap. How can we bridge the gap?

We have a clarity on what our PROBLEM is , Then what is the SOLUTION , How do we address this ?

In this context, there are a few areas in which industries, education institutions, and Govt policymakers can work towards bridging this gap — at individual and organizations collaboration, and strategic partnership levels.

  • We need to revisit our education system in such a way that we are increasing the engagement of industry and universities.
  • Universities should allow students to explore different career options through internships and apprenticeships during their education. Mandating a minimum industry exposure duration would be ideal
  • Universities bring in industry subject matter experts from various streams to provide lectures and guidance on developing students’ soft skills and technical skills more effectively, shaping them to be employable after graduation.
  • Initiatives from Government entities and organizations to provide online, and offline internships opportunities
  • Incorporation of specializations and subjects for relevant streams in the curriculum and constantly updating it due to consultation with industry subject matter experts.
  • Initiatives for having a platform where students and alumni can stay connected. Alumni can provide the support that is required for the next generation to be better equipped.

What “Construction Leaders” trying to do ?

As mentioned above  “Construction Leaders” is a platform which is designed and developed to help the civil engineering society. We build professional leaders for the industry by bridging the gap between Academics and Industry.

We mainly focus and help the students and freshers to get industry exposure while they are in colleges, academics itself by conducting at least two webinars per month by industry professionals and experts.

To make it easier for the people to attend live sessions we conduct them on Sundays.

We give opportunities to each and every attendee to interact with speakers for their queries.

The speakers of Construction Leaders,

Webinar speakers are the front faces as well as backbones for the Construction Leaders. Whenever we reach people and start explaining whatever we are doing through platform, then in the halfway itself they say ” It is really great and helpful, Let me add my hand, I also will give presentation over this platform,”

We feel it’s honor, enough privilege and fortunate to get the speakers for the webinars without expecting anything in return. Such a pure heart of good human beings and civil engineering professionals they are.

The future

In this rapidly changing world, unprecedented new challenges arise for which we need to find solutions.

Especially in the construction industry where there is a huge scope for bettering the existing tradition. It is heading towards a massive digital transformation in every segment of the trade and requires a multidisciplinary skilled workforce to work collaboratively.

NOTE – We cordially invite you to take part in this Gnana Yagna and collaborate with Construction Leaders to help and serve the Civil engineering society together and also we request you to spread the same to the students and professionals.

Thanks & RegardsConstruction Leaders

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