Basic Information Regarding Study Visa

Why Do You Need A Study Visa To Study Abroad?

A student visa plays a crucial part in studying abroad at a recognized institution. The visa stamping takes place after receiving the offer letter from your chosen foreign educational institution. The student visa is all about explaining your reasons for studying in that nation.

What Are The Documents To Carry During Your Appointment With USA Consulate?

Office set: (Biometric Day)
1)Appointment confirmation
2)SEVIS confirmation
3)DS-160 confirmation
4)I-20 copy
5)passport copy
Main set: (Interview Day)
1)Appointment confirmation
2)SEVIS confirmation
3)DS-160 confirmation
4)I-20 original
Academic set:
1)Course Completion (Bachelors all documents)
3)12th ( High School)
4)A project abstract of degree
5)GRE scorecard
7)CV + SOP
1)Loan letter/cash
2)CA statement- documents to be carried enclosed in the statement

3) Sponsor details:
joint affect
IT returns of your parents 3years Employment proof
bank state of salary(6 months) parents any 2 ID proofs
additional I-20s if any

What Are The Tips To Face The Interview On The First Attempt?

1. Answer the question asked (not your assumption)
2. Stay calm when answering
3. Wear a smile on your face when walking to the window
4. Always maintain eye contact.
5. Never argue with the visa officer
6. Your answers should be brief and to the point
7. Make the interview an interactive session
8. Know everything about the university
9. Don’t lie on your DS-160
10. Don’t lie at the interview
11.No fake documents – Could be banned for life from entering the USA
12. Practice is Must and how you practice matters
13. Visa gets rejected for lack of preparation (not because VO denied everyone that day)
14. Pray and Be Confident (not over-confident)
15. [Bonus] Know why you were rejected (if you were rejected before)
Let me just go into detail for this one Tip #1.
Answer the Question Asked (not your assumption).
Engineers attending the interview tend to make this mistake! A lot!
You have formed an idea about how and what the F1 interview is about.
That idea is from the lens through which you see the world and interrupt the information.
Most applicants have assumed that “I have to say this answer”

“VO will deny the visa if I say this answer” ( VO= VISA OFFICER) “I need to have X amount in Loan for approval”
Those are your assumptions.
Assumptions formed from reading interview experiences of others! You are responsible for your answers.
You are responsible for your interview.
Assumptions = Possible Rejection.
And one more analysis:
Don’t Lie:
Don’t mess with Consular Officers and the Interview Process.
If you plan to lie, you are going to get caught.
If you get caught, then don’t complain later. l
Because, once you get caught for fraud or deception, that’s the end of your dreams to go to the USA (ever in your life)!
The VO’s are trained to differentiate the “real-deal students” from “fake, fraudulent, potential immigrant”.
If you are a real deal student and got F1 denied, then you can overcome that in the next attempt. But, if you are a superficial, and trying your luck kind of student, you can still get the visa. But the road is a bit tough. You need the right strategy.
Trying my luck kind of student = Low Scores, few to many backlogs, Low Speaking Section Scores, etc.
Let’s talk about 3 Things Visa Officers are looking for:
1. Are you a Potential Immigrant?
2. Are you a Qualified Student?
3. Are you Financially Prepared?
If you understand the above “3 Things” you can ace the interview.

What questions are asked in student visa interviews?

1. Why have you chosen to study in the USA?

Ans: I have chosen to study in the USA, because of the immense facilities available for the student. The programs are more practical, unlike those in India. And USA universities are highly regarded and respected throughout the world. Also, I will get international exposure to a multicultural environment.

The USA has good research facilities, It’s always parallel with the latest technology. The USA is a very developed nation with many top-class universities. The USA is ranked 1st in providing quality education to students as compared to the rest of the world. The infrastructure and amenities provided in the USA are incomparable. The universities there has a higher value compared to other universities in the world and the degree from your country has more importance in this country.

Note :( If applicable – Engineering / Management concepts were born on US campuses, and I want to learn at the place where these concepts originated)

2. How did you come to know about this university?

Ans. After surfing the net and consulting with different consultants I chose this college for my studies.

3. After having worked in India, why do you feel the need for further studies?

Ans. When I finished my education, I joined @@@@@@@ and felt that my education are finite (limited). After having worked for the last @@@ years, I have realized that my skills are basic, so I need to do my Masters / Bachelors from the best universities in the world

4. Why have you selected ***** university?

Ans. I have selected to study at this university

  • Duration of the Course
  • Because of its program which is well designed by this university,

• The Professors are very well qualified, and I am very eager to learn under the guidance

of professors, and *** who are doing work in **** area which matches my area of interest.

  • The ranking of the university
  • It’s located at $$$$$, which is very attractive
  • The great interaction with teachers, the small class sizes so personal attention given to the student

5)Have you applied to any other Institutions? What happened to them?
Ans: Yes, I had applied to 5 universities out of which I got 3 acceptances and 2 refusals. (The student has to carry all the I-20, and all admits and rejects letters during the Interview)

6)Who is your sponsor / what is their Annual Income?
Ans. I am being sponsored by my parents, my father works for *** company as *** for past **** years., the total income of my sponsors is Rs ******

7)What is your academic profile?
Ans. I am an engineer/graduate from *** college, affiliated with Mumbai University. I passed my *** with ***%. (This should be the last results)

8)What are your Career Goals?
Ans. I intend to complete my studies and then return to India to work for a Big corporation, namely ****, ***. After having worked and having been exposed to the industry, I intend to start my own consultancy / or start independent research, etc. Eventually, I see myself in a responsible position in the industry and hope to the Indian economy a little of what I owe to it.

10. Why will you return to India?
Ans. India is a growing economy and therefore, my skill course
s as a ****will find greater utilization here than anywhere else in the world. I will find greater satisfaction working here. Also, my parents live here. I will therefore want to return to India for both, professional and most importantly for personal reasons
I also have the property’s here, and my parents want me to get married to an Indian to support them during their old age

12) Program you are going for. Why this course?

Ans: This course will open a new horizon for me, and there are high job prospects in the multinational firms at the local and international level, To enhance my skills in the field of ………. For my future and better growth prospects (if applicable, since already done my bachelor in @@@@, I would like to specialize in the same field)

13)Tell me something about the course structure.
Ans: What is unique about this course, this university? What is the duration of the course how many credits the course has, the student can name a few subjects and elaborate on any subject of the student’s interest)?
14)Similar Programs are available back home also. Why not doing in India then?
Ans: Tougher to get into Top institution here and quality of education is not updated to the mark in other institution. The programs in India are more Theoretical; Also I will get International Exposure, with a multicultural Environment, An International degree that will be globally recognized.

15)What are your scores in your competitive exams? I.e.GRE/GMAT/SAT/TOEFL/IELTS
Ans: Accordingly, the student can answer

16) What have you stood for in your Bachelors’/Masters’?
Ans: Accordingly, the student can answer

17)Do you have any relatives in the USA?

Ans: Any immediate relatives then the student must disclose

18)If a student gets a job opportunity in the USA, what will he/she do?
Ans: I may work during my OPT period if I will get a suitable job. If not, then I will return to India to serve my own country for my own country’s future development.
(Sir my sole aim is to study there not to work secondly there are so many obligations in my family. I must come back to take care of my family third that I have enough property here so there is no need to work in the USA. And there is an untapped potential market in India. so sir trust me I ‘ll come back after two years)

19)Why was the visa rejected last time?

Ans. So whatever could be the reason the student can answer

20)What if a student Visa is denied?
Ans. He / She must overcome the drawbacks and reapply for the visa again

21)What are your plans after your MS?
Ans. I am sure the recent growth of the Indian economy will open many avenues for me to start my company. After acquainting the latest technologies in the USA, I look forward to starting my company here.

22. What’s the difference you can make by doing your MS in the USA?
Ans. Most of the Universities in the US are going in parallel with the latest technologies. Educating myself in those technologies can give me a better picture to start up something of my own in future

23) What u think that you should be given the visa?
Ans. well…all that I’m doing lots of research the past 6 months reflects that I m pretty serious about getting higher studies in the US. All this time what I did is search for universities that cater to my research interests had I not been serious enough, I would have been rejected by the University. All that I got, at last, is research approval from my professor. And of course, I prepared for GRE and IELTS for all this.
After completing my MS, I will surely come back to India and try for a good job in MNC or start my own business in whichever field I have gained expertise during my masters
VO: why “x” university>?
me: it is the top-ranked university in the US and has a very good reputation, flexible course structure, world-renowned for its infrastructure and faculty.
Vo: what will you get by doing MS from this univ>?
me: sir, I have done my UG and I feel it will b better if I gain more knowledge related to my field. this will help me to be much more proficient and also I stand a good chance of getting a job with a good salary in India after graduating from x univ. my field of specialization is having very good prospects right now.

NOTE: Always ask the reason for your rejections so that you can improvise on the same.  And reapply for the visa again

The unparalleled training not only establishes your credentials, but it also launches you into a network of interconnected professionals.”

Author Credit: Satya Nikhil Ippili | Graduate student, University of Alberta

Author Credit: Manasa Avula|BE in Civil Engineering| MS in Construction Management | OSHA 30 CERTIFIED

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